How to make red light green light?

So I’m trying to make the game red light- green light from the famous netflix series, Squid Game. I got most of it down like changing from red light green light, killing people who move or jump on red light, etc… But I have one issue, the sound. I wanna make it so the sound perfectly aligns with the red light green light switching time but I don’t know how so if you know how please share and I hope you have a great rest of your day!

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Use Sound:Pause() once you change it to red light.
Use Sound:Resume() once you change it to green light.

I think to eliminate people is to use HumanoidRootPart.Changed so when the Humanoid moves means it walks. I think you need to make your game R6 cause they can use animations to move the HumanoidRootPart.

To do the gui
game.Workspace.GreenLight.Changed:Connect(function() if GreenLight.Playing then TextLabel.Text = "Green Light!"
game.Workspace.RedLight.Changed:Connect(function() if RedLight.Playing then TextLabel.Text = "Red Light!"

Agree with @InvalidRaycast and you would need to make it find the humanoid health so that if the humanoid is moving then make there health to 0 which eliminates them.