How to make roblox color highlight (Solved)

I wanna make a lil like this that when i step on the red button i get a red highlight

when i step on the blue part i dont die but when i step on the red i dont

just add a hightlight to the player character using .touched event

and how do u do that


i just said how, just create a new instance (highlight) modify it and parent it to the player’s character on touch

yeah but how would you make the script, how would you script it?

cant give out free scripts in devforum.

oh i thought a lot of people did that


about the touched event, if i got the highlight, so lets say i got red hightlight, how would i make it so i can step on red parts but not on blue parts

makes teams and use if statements

Try this and modify the highlight to your liking.

local part = game.Workspace.Part1 -- part you want touched

local highlight ="Highlight")

	if game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent) ~= nil then
		highlight.Parent = hit.Parent

Alright thanks, and where do I put that script?

You can put it in the part you want touched, in ServerScriptService. There are many places you can put it.

oh dam it does work


Now I gotta figure out to make the highlight the color i want the part to be touched, so if the hightlight turns red, i want to be able to step on red, and if i step on another color part i die

Personally I would put it in the part and do

local part = script.Parent -- part you want touched

You could do that with teams, I havent messed with them that much but it shouldnt be too hard. Basically just check if the player is on a certain team, give them the highlight and then in the death script for the colored part, check if they are on a certain team and kill them or don’t kill them.

One little tiny problem, I don’t know how to do any of that.

Read this and go to Team article.

Well yes, in this case how would u make it so when i step on red a button i join red team and when I step on blue button I join blue team?

Oh, nevermind I solved it myself, but thanks for the help!

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