How to make script textbox in topics?

Ok so, I just ranked up in DevForum recently and just kept on checking posts, and I always notice developers or the post creators make a script textbox like this:

I often see them in posts and I wonder how I can do that

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Its fairly easy, all you have to do is put ``` before and after the block of text.

Like this:

[example text]

If you want the textblock to pick up and highlight lua elements, then make sure to do add the word “lua” after the " ``` " at the beginning. You don’t need to add it at the end.

local example = script.Parent

local function example1()

a lil Unrelated but, to help you out, you can use to help you on formatting, has everything to guide you on formatting on devforums, such as scripting text boxes.

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Thanks so much :smiley: , Have a good day/night

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