How to make sense out of a realistic car system?

Hello, I’ve been for the past ~3 weeks researching all about how a realistic car transmission/gear box work. I’ve read many posts about this topic, but haven’t been able to come up with a full understanding on how to make it work on Roblox. I used 'How to Rig a Car" for the main framework of my vehicle, which only has a very simple engine system which i’m trying to expand from.
Some obstacles I have are:

  • Where can you apply car gear ratios into?
  • How do you calculate the moment a car needs to shift up/down when its automatic?
  • How do you calculate engine RPM, and how does horsepower tie into it?
  • How is torque calculated?
  • Is there any constants which I need to make note off?

I’ve tried looking through free model scripts, but to no luck its either super complicated or not what i’m trying to get (i’m looking at you A-Chassis).

There is also almost no resources of tutorials on how to script a system which is simple to understand, and how it can be implemented in-game. All I find is mathematical formulas which might be useful, but I have no idea where I can implement them.
Any help will be greatly appreciated as to helping me further understand how cars work, and how it can be replicated on Roblox!

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τ = F r sin θ

“Torque equals Force times Radius time Sine Theta
Euler’s Number

e = 2.71828182845904523536

I actually found this:

(Obviously not Lua or Roblox but its pretty similar and it can be restructured in Roblox)
i’ll try it and see if I get good results from it :slight_smile: