How to make simple animations using Roblox Studio

Today, you will learn how to make simple animations and play them in-game. Using Roblox Studio and Animation Editor, you will make a nice animation for different rigs!

What will you need?

Roblox Studio

Basic understanding of Roblox Studio

Rig (just a Humanoid, you can add it in-game using plugins or the basic Rig Builder)

Firstly, we need to choose the rig to do the animation on, a NPC? A leaderboard player, the developer or owner rig?

Chosen your rig? Great! Go to the Avatar tab and select Animation Editor.

Now, when opened, name your animation, I recommend naming it something similar to the rig. Like, if there is a Adventurer, you can name the animation AdventurerAnimation1.

You should now see the menu at the bottom of the screen and should look like this:

Now, let’s say you want to animate the Head. Simply, click the + button. You should choose Head by clicking it.

When chosen, it should be possible to rotate your Head, rotate the head, then play the animation using the Play button.

The great part is that you can animate other things, like UpperLeg, UpperTorso and more. Confused on what to animate? Select Full Body and decide what to animate.

You can also animate several things at once.

Have you made the perfect animation? Great. Click the three dots and publish to Roblox. You will now see a menu with the name, description and creator.

Choose a descriptive name for your animation.

Uploaded? Now, you can copy your ID! Mine is 13231236305 (Do not use for rig)

Now, the animation is done, but it is not playing when you play the game!
Well, you need to script the animation playing.

Well, put this script inside of your rig:

local AnimationId = "1234" -- Replace this with your ID!

local Anim ="Animation")

Anim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://"..AnimationId

local humanoid = script.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")

local track = humanoid:LoadAnimation(Anim)

track.Looped = true

-- Made by IWasTaked0

Done? Now test the rig and see if the animation is looping (playing).
Not working?
Here are troubleshooting tips:
1. Make sure to put this as a Script inside the rig where you want the animation to be on. (The ClassName is Model)
2. Make sure you put your ID and replaced the ID.
3. Make sure the ID is real. It should be uploaded. Check by doing this: First, type this: ( and then lastly type your ID like this: (

Hopefully, you enjoyed this! Ask me for anything on the comments (including help, errors or stuff)

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