How to make slanted UI?

I want to make this slanted UI for the game I’m working on but I’m not sure how to. I can make slanted images but how do I slant the scrollingframe,etc ?

sample pic:

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That can be done via a Part with a SurfaceGui. You’ll have to update Part CFrame each frame to keep it in front of the camera.

Do note that you might have issues when the part clips into a wall if your camera is too close.


UI design which exists in 3D space can be classified as either diagetic, meta or spatial. The provided UI showcases spatial design, where the UI simply exists in a 3D space with no strings attached.

To create something like this I’d try messing around with SurfaceGuis. SurfaceGuis provide a way to put UI elements on the face of a part, this is perfect for our use case. Create a transparent part using a localscript and parent it to the player’s CurrentCamera. This part can be offset from our camera on each frame using the RenderStepped event of RunService. Now, apply your UI into a freshly generated SurfaceGui inside of our part.

Good luck!


Wow, that’s actually a good idea. Never thought of slanting it, but the image above looks stellar!

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