How to make sliding mobile controls?

im making a runner game and wanted custom mobile sliding controls.

i want the red parts to be removed.
and the green parts when you slide up, left, right or down then you change lanes, jump or slide.

how can i make those sliding controls. like if you swipe you finger up then something happens.



I don’t think you could remove the red parts. I’m not sure how to do the swipe stuff but I would make an invisible frame Frame | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub and on tap, it would do something.


you can maybe have a big button and use mouse to follow the finger. and when it reaches the end pos it makes the character jump

and as nate said, you cant remove roblox’s default mobile controls.

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NVM found this official post by roblox about disabling mobile controls, check it out! here

That’s crazy I never knew that lol

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To hide the red section, in a local script write:

local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

UserInputService.ModalEnabled = not UserInputService.ModalEnabled
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You can detect a swipe or dragging with this in the docs, or a beta feature for dragging in these docs.

You can then use the replies by @lV0rd and @NateDV10.


wow never knew about these features, thanks for informing us!

I remember seeing this for parts lol. Never thought this worked for GUI.

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i found trought your docs that you can use UserInputService.TouchSwipe
in this doc

it is not so fast at responding so im trying to figure that out now.

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