How to make smooth and quick dodges with body forces

I want to add some dodges to my game, similar to the double-tap dodges in elemental wars (not as giant of a distance though, it would move players front, back, or side flip 5 studs in any given direction), but I’m a little lost on how to do it.

I understand that to create a dodge, you would need to take the character’s root part, then use a body mover or velocity to boost the player in the appropriate direction. I have managed to get this part laid down pretty quickly. However, the problem came with the forces and how to use body movers to make a clean dodge.

I don’t know which body mover is best to create this type of action. I know the distance I want the player to reach, but when using something like body position, the result is really tacky. Using body thrust or body force is finicky, because my game uses realistic, uneven smooth terrain for the map, and depending on the slope the player dodges on, the dodge can go any distance without consistency.

I want very smooth dodges that can glide on any surface with precision, players should be able to gauge where the dodge will take them. Does anybody have a lead on how I can tackle this? All I can think of at the moment is raycasting, but I have absolutely no clue how to somehow translate it into a consistent dodge.

You could watch a video like this if it helps:

It might not work with filtering enabled, but still try it!
and y’know HumanoidRootParts etc have the property Velocity so there’s no need to use other BodyForces. Good luck! :smiley:

thanks! I’m pretty shocked at how I didn’t find this video sooner, the velocity works fine for dodging on any slope as long as I aim it slightly in the air, easy to control too!