How to make smooth camera follow?

An example on how this would work: You see yourself of a player through a camera on the wall and it tracks them. How would I do this? An explanation would be great too. Thanks!

I’m not familiar with much of what you’re saying, could you put it on code for me please?


I went and made a mockup of what you’re trying to do here:

There’s a script in StarterPlayer>StarterCharacterScripts
I recommend learning about CFrame and RunService to fully understand the script.

What it does it BindToRenderStepped a function called “CameraFollow”

In this Function it’s simply putting the CFrame of the Camera at the CameraParts position, and the rotation it has is facing the Character. It doesn’t use,lookAt) because according to this post that’s deprecated, so I used the function the post provides instead to find the CFrame for looking at a part.

The reason I BindToRenderStepped is so it updates every frame at the same time the camera is supposed to update.

CameraFollow.rbxl (25.0 KB)