How to make smooth Custom Character

Recently I saw this video on youtube released by rellgames, it teases an upcoming game in development

I saw these characters and I thought they were really cool and I would like to make them myself but im not sure how to, ive never really seen characters like this on roblox and I was wondering if anyone knows or at least can guess how they did this?


Use smooth shading instead of flat shading;
In blender, right click the mesh in object mode and select shade smooth



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Like @Uzixt said, create a character mesh in blender then rig and animate it. You can use the same feature that layered clothing uses (I forgot the name of it lol) to make it stretch and bend like in the video.

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Do you rig it in blender or do you export it and then rig it in roblox?

yea, easy to make it on blender

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