How to make smooth gfx like i5k

Hello guys, i’m gfx designer, and i’m want improve my skill in gfx.
what need to do to get similar gfx.


Get high end pc with photoshop blender and substance painter

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mhm, my pc not bad, i don’t know how it’s help me

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Hmmm. I’m not an expert but you should probably (in my opinion) inquire about Blender or Cinema 4d.

It looks like the lighting and resolution are playing a big role in his work. Try working on those more.


definitely lighting, and the image itself. and how the background always fits in as well as characters and models and maps and stuff ig

He uses Octane instead of Blender, it’s better but it’s not free

Octane isn’t a software, it’s a render engine. He uses Cinema 4D instead of Blender, Cinema 4D is pretty much everything that Blender can do but better.