How to make something face player using bodyGyro?

What i tried :

    function move(target)
    	local dir = (target.Position - bin.Position).unit
    	local spawnPos = bin.Position
    	local pos = spawnPos + (dir * 1)
    	bin:findFirstChild("BodyGyro").cframe =,  pos + dir)

d = 700
MaxTorque = inf,inf,inf
p = 3000

but doesen’t work properly!

Just do this

local h = math.huge
local vec3 =

local bodyGyro ="BodyGyro")
bodyGyro.Parent = -- parent
bodyGyro.MaxTorque =,h,h)
bodyGyro.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(object,root)

not sure what is the object and root for the last line

dude the object is the objects position and the root is the humanoidrootpart position of the player

or like it could be the torso or like whatever u want

for me the object is the humanoidrootpart

dude by object i mean the something in your post

you said you want something to face the player; the something is the object in the script i did but just add its position

@GlitchyPumkin we all make mistakes man, its just important we learn from them

oops nvm iam dumb i thought something else

dont work

function move(target)
local h = math.huge
local vec3 =

local bodyGyro ="BodyGyro")
bodyGyro.Parent = script.Parent
bodyGyro.MaxTorque =,h,h)
bodyGyro.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(bin.Position, target.Position)


it just makes my rocket go down

what are you passing as target?

its a humanoidrootpart (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Could you upload a video of whats going on

output -

21:45:14.293 Stack Begin - Studio
21:45:14.293 Script ‘Workspace.Tinker.AimScript’, Line 10 - function move - Studio - AimScript:10
21:45:14.293 Script ‘Workspace.Tinker.AimScript’, Line 49 - Studio - AimScript:49
21:45:14.294 Stack End - Studio

So what, your trying to make the missile point downwards?

Iam using rocket pulpusion to make the rocket move to player

Yeah but you didnt answer my question though; your trying to make the missile point at the player or the ground?

player ( Player yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

i made it work by making the max torque infinite

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I strongly recommend that you use CFrame.LookAt. You’ll want to set the rocket models primary part’s CFrame to the cframe created with CFrame.LookAt by using the SetPrimaryPartCframe method. Make sure that primary part’s front face is facing towards the tip of the rocket.

EDIT: I just realized that you wanted to rotate it using a body Gyro. My bad. I’ll keep my response up incase other people see this answer and it’s what they need.