How to make something in Camera, tween downwards

Hello! I am wondering how I can tween this to go downwards when the bottom goes down, but whenever I try and do something, it just gets put back because of this, and if I were to do “petOneConnection: Disconnect()” It just makes it leave the camera, but how can I make it so it stays there, and will tween down like the text saying the pets name.

Script to make the pet go there at the start

	petOneConnection = runService.RenderStepped:Connect(function()
		local lookPart = pet.PrimaryPart
		local cf =,0,-pet.PrimaryPart.Size.Z * 2)
		pet:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(camera.CFrame * cf)
		lookPart.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(lookPart.Position, camera.CFrame.Position)
	pet.Parent = camera

Any help will be very greatly appreciated! :smile:

If anyone knows, it’ll be very appreciated!

Hi there. Changing the CFrame details of the camera will not do much. Instead, you need to look into the camera offset. Let me know if you’d like further explanation.

Yes please, can I have a further explanation? Not sure if I understand too much.

So would I replace this with the current RunService, or where would I place it?

Apologies, the script I sent was unnecessary.

Simply, all you need to do is change the CameraOffset property of the Humanoid. Here is an example:

character.Humanoid.CameraOffset =,0,-pet.PrimaryPart.Size.Z*2)

No loops are required. To reset the camera back to normal, simply do:

character.Humanoid.CameraOffset =

So whenever I add this, it just locks my camera onto it? I want the pet to tween downwards like how the text does.