How to make spin system?

Hello, so I tried to make a bloodline randomizer. There’s 2 GUIs, TextButton to randomize the bloodline, and a TextLabel to display the result. I test it and it works, but it shows the result immediately. But what I want is that the TextLabel will shows every bloodlines name before slowly giving the result. (if you know shindo life, you should understand what I mean)

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bloodlines = {"pineapple","2","seven","sharingan","bowl"} -- Example table of bloodlines, I'll assume you already have one in your script

for i = 1,10 do -- Iterate through code 10 times
	n = math.random(1,#bloodlines) -- Get a random number between 1 and the number of bloodlines in your table
	script.Parent.Text = bloodlines[n] -- Set the text of the TextLabel to the chosen bloodline (assuming the LocalScript is a child of your TextLabel)
	wait(0.5) -- Change the 0.5 to the amount of time you want it to take to show a new bloodline

First time replying to a post here so forgive me if my attempt is bad. This won’t go through all the bloodlines but some random ones, duplicates will be shown so I hope that doesn’t bother you - if it does please say so and I’ll change it. You can put something similar to this into your bloodline randomizer script before the real choice is chosen and revealed. Change the 10 to the amount of times you want to show a “fake” bloodline that they’re not going to receive. Change the wait time between the bloodlines to whatever you’d like and remember that the total time showing fakes will be amount shown * wait time. Sorry for the long response and please do feel free to look for a better solution if this doesn’t work for you or isn’t what you wanted.


Sorry for the late reply, but this is what I need. Thanks for your help!

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