How to make stylized water

Recently I stumbled on these images (images by exodus)

And I can’t find any way to achieve this style of water.
So is it possible to make this type of water?
Thxs, MyHeadisMelting.


You will probably need to make the mesh for it and put normal water with it. Hope this helps! (I have done it before btw)

So how would i go around making a mesh similar to that?

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It’s just a part w/ force field material and texture I think. Forcefield adds the nice outline and texture is just the water ripple.

A force field is a gradient effect. I want a straight color with no fading. as shown in the image.

I made a test and with a texture there is no gradient:


but its not perfect, if you add transparency there is the gradient


Hmm is there any way we can change the white grain on the edges?

with negative transparency and multiple forcefields ? idk

Can you elaborate on how you were able to do this?


My line is super thin.

How To Make The MOST POPULAR Cartoon Water Style! (Roblox Studio) - YouTube the creator made a tutorial