How to make surfacegui/textlabel not have any brightness

I have looked and have looked under properties, and have had no solution

however, even at night the text label is still visible with no light outside. this is not the case with certain colors such as black, but is for regular colors such as white or yellow.

simply, I am looking to have a way so that it doesn’t really have any glow to it, or having it adjust to the lighting outside.

It’s hard to explain, but I am not sure what to do.

this is an ongoing issue i’ve had and has nothing to do with the specific game im developing in

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Building Support is not the right category, buddy.

I THINK your topic belongs to Platform Usage Support

Move it there before it gets taken down.

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I think its the right category

If not it belongs in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support but I doubt that

To @zuovez , is it possible just to use a darker tint of yellow? I dont know if thats what you mean


i could, but the issue is that im just wanting to be able to use a brighter color…

sort of like parts, you can make the color green BUT if it’s dark outside then the green will not be visible as clearly, just like the real world. im trying to do the same with the text label

I don’t mean nice exactly.

Like I thought he wasn’t going to be rude

He said if you aren’t going to help me, then don’t comment. and dont give an attitude

Do you think this isn’t rude?

Two wrongs don’t make a right. You should direct him to the right category in a non-condescending way. If you can’t answer his question, you should let him know that people in that category are more likely to help him out.

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Alright I got it. :+1:


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My last guess is use ColorCorrection?

Im out of ideas

Could it maybe have any Light emitting properties enabled? Could AlwaysOnTop be enabled?