How To Make Terrain With Real Life Geographic Data

so i want to make a game that game’s maps have real geographic data but i have no idea how to do it.I tried terrain’s heightmap future but that didnt work since it can just make small portion of the world.

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Could you provide an example of real geographic data?

kinda like this:

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You can use the City Loader plugin to make your game map have real geographic data.

does it have the terrain too? in its description it says “Render real world roads and buildings into your game to help you make accurate recreations.”

It indeed uses the terrain to generate the road

ok i gave a try to the plugin thanks

The whole world in a 144p image? I don’t think you can turn that into anything.

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this plugin does give the terrain but since im going to make an chunk system i cant preload the entire world
what i want to do is render the terrain that same as the position of the character from the world