How to make Text and Images stay in place

So I’ve been trying to make a tool shop, but the text isnt staying in the same place when im on a different device. I’ve used the auto scale lite plugin but it doesn’t make the image/text stay the same on all devices. Can anyone help me fix this?


Wdym? How did you use the AutoScale Lite?

i’m pretty sure. My tool shop has text inside the frame though so i think that might be the problem.

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Even with the text inside the frame it still works.


Try selecting all of the gui-related descendants of the frame, try setting the Position and Scale to ‘Scale’.

can you share a picture?
BTw did you Set the text “Text Scaled”?

and is there any right number I mean is there any number if not on the left?

if you always make your GUI with the number in the left, then it will always be Auto scaled in any device (Square screen include)