How to make text box only for usernames

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    So i have a report gui i made but im not sure how to make Name text box only valid for usernames. So lets say I type “chickens” but player username is “chickenz” it would be invalid. If i write “chickenz” and player username is “chickenz” it will be valid.
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    So im not sure were to start and how to since im new to roblox scripting.
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    So i tried finding yt vids, devforum but just couldn’t find what i was looking for.


not sure if these are helpful pics

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something to do with this IG

if game.Players:FindFirstChild(NameText.Text) then
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I would first advise you to learn about the basics of scripting first, if you haven’t.

But either way, are you trying to make it so it only detects the username of the players in game?

Yeah because people been trolling

Hi! Here is the whole process

  • Have a GUI with a textbox on the client.
  • When the client is ready to send the username to the server, fire a remote in the clientscript, with the text in the textlabel
  • When the server recieves the remote signal, check if the value sent is present (not nil), and is a string.
  • If it is present and a string, check if any currently playing player is named the same as the string
  • If a player is named the same as the string, do something to that player.
  • If not a player, send a remote back to the client, this can then show an error on the clients gui.

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