How to make textures for roblox meshes?

I need to know how to make textures for meshes like roblox did

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Most likely they drew, although it is difficult, but there is an option.


I don’t know exactly how roblox makes their textures, it’s most likely drawn though.
to me, there are 2 main types of textures

  • ones that you draw
    drawing a texture is easier in terms of making it seamless, you can control where your lines meet at the edges
  • ones that you get from a picture
    this is harder to make seamless as all the objects at the side of the image are fixed and it’s pretty hard to get it to be seamless.


  1. bring your image into an image editing software (eg: photoshop)
  2. tile your image into a 2x2 grid, make sure all the edges are touching, not overlapping
  3. move the images, until you find a place in which It looks somewhat seamless
  4. use blending tools to smoothen out the edges

Edit: I have more to add on :>
ok, this is more for applying textures to meshes. If you want to have different textures for different parts of your mesh you are gonna have to learn UV unwrapping. It can easily be done in blender and I’m sure there are many tutorials out there :slight_smile:


do you mean how you can make your own texture for an already-made Roblox mesh?

if so, you can simply load up a free model of the hat/mesh you want to use, go inside of the mesh properties, you should see a link to a texture and if you paste that into your browser, it should download for you.

alternatively, if you have the ROBLOX+ extension, you can navigate to any hat and just press the tab below to see Linked Items. This will show you a texture for the hat/gear or whatever.