How to make the camera smoothly move to the player even if it's moving without it dragging behind

so i realized that roblox ads have this thing where when you click fullscreen, your camera tweens to where it should be, facing the billboard.
when you exit fullscreen, the camera moves back to where it should be subjecting the player. how can i achieve the exit fullscreen part where it moves back to where it should be even when the character is moving?

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You should tween the players camera or the desired position

when the player is moving, so does the desired position. if i always tween it, it’s gonna drag behind

Im pretty sure there’s a way to set the character’s camera to follow a different part

Then you should LERP the camera

when i do that it drags behind. i want it to stay like i showed in the video

I would set the interval to 1 on the lerp