How to make the `part` rotate according to the other `part`?

How to make part accept the rotation of another part ?
if the front face isn’t Even where the front face of the other party is.


Hello. I do not really understand what you are trying. Can you elaborate? Thank you.

just set the part orientation from the reference part orientation??

local part
local ref

local function sync()
   part.Orientation = ref.Orientation


Yes, of course, for example, I have a model of a car, and when it drives, it is in a static position of 90 degrees. And I want her to be normal when she was driving, or I don’t know what to call it. That is so:

Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately this is not what I need I described it in more detail in the comments below

so whenever the car is on a slope, it’ll transform the orientation to match the slope and position itself to be ontop the slope?

Yes, but this model is linked via Motor6D to HumanoidRootPart.