How to make the player a free moving camera

hello, im completely new to scripting and im making a small project for personal use.

how do i make it so the player is just a controllable camera that’s able to fly, move, pan, and zoom? i want to create it exactly like how you would move about while in roblox studio.

im probably gonna need things explained in the most basic form possible cuz i dont know anything about this or someone could just give me the code

any help is appreciated!

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roblox already has Dev FreeCam
you can copy the Freecam localscript in your PlayerGui copy that script and paste it to StarterPlayerScripts.

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Also, along with @ayoub50’s information, use Shift + P to activate freecam.

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i want it to activate immediately, not after doing shift p. how can i accomplish that?

Copy and paste the freecam script and you can just run the local function to start the freecam immediately.