How to make the snake camera


I learned how to do live events, and I have already done many events, but I still don’t know how to make the camera snake when there is an explosion. Could someone help me?

do you mean shake?
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I mean when there is an explosion the camera moves to either side, basically like you say “shake”. How do you put it? for a live event.


Just tween the camera and change the CFrame property using CFrame.Angles and repeat the tween like how ever many times you want

How would the script be? I mean what to put? (example: game.workspace.model)

Never really tried on how to make a camera shake around like explosions and other things, but I guess it has to do with CameraOffSet and Camera properties.

Maybe this video can give an explanation?

You could use Humanoid’s CameraOffset or CurrentCamera

Have you tried scripting it yourself yet…?

yes I tried several times but I get an error

May i see this current script you have?

I believe @Crazyman32 has a module for exactly this. Try this post.