How to make the UI spin in 3D way

Hey developers,

I’m a User Interface Designer with 3/4 months experience.

You might be confused, but all what I want to know how people made the UI image label or image button spin in 3d way. If it’s not image label. I don’t know what to call the spinning thing, that show around in 3D.

Here’s the video what I exactly want:

This isn’t my video, but this video is just helping you to understand clearly how I want the UI spin in 3d.

You can see the green helicopter spin in 3d. How do I make like that?

As I have seen this before in other Roblox Simulators like Pets, how can I make like this. Is there any ways I can make?

I tried to look on youtube, but nothing was there.

I believed this is relating to scripting that make UI spin 3D.
If this should be in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support, please inform or flag this ASAP.


Have you tried using a ViewportFrame? Those are specifically designed for displaying 3D objects within 2D UIs. The link leads to a tutorial for setting up ViewportFrames and tweening them.

EDIT: It should be fairly simple to script the spinning once you have the ViewportFrame set up. You’d just need to set a loop rotating the model.


Wait a minute, never heard about a ViewportFrame. But this seems exactly what I want to know. Thank you so much!

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