How to make this ability?

Hello fellow devs. i want to make an ability like this, how can i make the arms appear randomly in my back and punch forward?

reference :

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Looks like there may be multiple punch animations and the script randomly chooses which one to use.
Please don’t post 5 min videos though. A few screenshots would have worked just fine.

i know but the question is,how can i make it?

If you haven’t done Animations before then read this:
Animation | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
If you need help with a script there are probably great posts that explain more than I ever could.
Try the Search button up top, or just google “playing animations roblox”.
To call a random animation put the animations in a table and use math.random to select one of the animations from the table.

I don’t think looking at TweenService would be a bad shout.

i meant how can i make it randomly punch, i mean punch from a random place.

take the look CFrame of the rootpart then multiply it with a random int

Do you mean randomly place the fist behind the player and have the animation play from that point, or do you mean you want the actual punch ability to occur in a random place?

Like I said before about the animations (for the random fist location) you’d need a few animations starting in different positions (for example let’s say 6 animations), then use math.random to select one of the animations to play.

For the punch effect to land at a random location you can aim for a general Position, but use math.random to create an area around that Position.