How to make this domain expansion effect?

Hello, I’ve been trying to achieve a domain expansion effect as seen in this video based on JJK - YouTube

I’ve tried for about a week using bones and skinned meshes, moving decals, and such and I can incorporate the fake skybox with the zone after the domain is created, but I have no clue how to do the effect where the domain gradually becomes white.

Is it just the creation of skinned meshes, maybe moving parts, or some application of the fake skybox?

Thank you for reading this message and any help is appreciated!

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The person is probably using lighting, combined with Region3

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Thank you for your suggesion. I’m just asking about the visual effects - I think it’s fairly easy to do the everyone-freezes effect with or without Region3 which isn’t really visual. Also, I don’t think lighting can do the white-out effect.

I assume the person combined particles and looped textures(such as the slash effects)?

The white bit is most likely just a SurfaceGui or BillboardGui set with AlwaysOnTop = true. It looks like it uses two. One for the main view and one for the ground. Obviously the Sky is changed after the screen goes white. The thing that confuses me is that white aura-like VFX when the white bit is being removed. My guess is that it’s a ring of white smoke emitters or particle emitters. The beams of light are just either beams or parts. The flash of white is just a ScreenGui. I assume the rest of the VFX are BillboardGui as well possibly mixed with parts. Actually, I think that’s just more particle emitters and perhaps SurfaceGui for the paint? Maybe some bloom. Then just another white flash with bloom, some screen shake, and a few triangle parts.

I could be wrong on some parts of course. Either way, quite impressive and creative.