How To Make This Gameplay More Enjoyable?

Hey guys, I was wondering, how would I make the gameplay for Bomb Survival more exciting and fun? Any ideas?

Thanks! Really appreciated :wink:

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I like the idea but the game really needs some improvements.

Here is a list of what i think should be improved / added:

  • Detaild maps because right now the maps are empty
  • Make the environment brighter because its too dark
  • Tweening the ui
  • A good thumbnail / Icon so you can attract players
  • And finally Add more items to the shop

Hope this helped!


The game’s concept is nice, only thing is there’s a lot of things that needs to be improved. Most of the improvements are just like what @polarisprog said, however some suggestions I have is this:

  • Some Maps are too dark, making it harder to see the bombs.
  • Certain spots on maps can make the game’s difficulty decrease dramatically from trying not to get blown up to sitting in a spot, waiting for the round to be over.
  • Add more bomb types. From what I got to see, there wasn’t a lot of bomb variations. I only got to see two bombs, regular bombs and lollipops. (There was a meteor one, but it was hard to see). So in my opinion, I’d try to make different types of bombs such as clusterbombs or rockets.
  • Add more sound effects, such as music during a game and lobby music.
  • (IF WANTED) You can try to make custom explosion particles using particle emitters inside the bombs, but it’ll take some work to do.

Most of the maps end up being very predictable. For example, on the forest map one only needs to climb a tree and wait at the top until the round ends. There’s no tension, nothing to pay attention to, and it bores me.

However, the map with the rotating center part is actually quite nice. Another player and I were trying to rotate the map to roll the bombs at each other. A situation like that is less predictable, more intense, and fun to play. Making the game more competitive could be a major improvement.


Maybe try and fix up the thumbnail/icon, that would get more clicks and that gets the game popular.

Maybe try and add more color, the lobby is really dull.

We can also see under the lobby platform, we can see random wedges and stuff which should be cleaned up.

The maps are also very boring, there really small I recommend you make them bigger and add more detail.

Now, positive side of stuff:

The way the bombs can explode stuff interests me.

The skybox is interesting.

I like it goes a bit brighter now.

For now, 7/10

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Heyo, that is some very good feedback there! Thanks!

the map with the rotating center part is actually quite nice

Which map in particular is that though? Maybe take a screenshot of it or provide some more details about it? @ernakou