How to make this look better(Keep it realistic)

Any recommendations on how i could make this look better??

Any help is appreciated

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you could use the baseplate 2021 lighting.

the lighting:

  • DepthOfField
  • Bloom
  • Blur
  • Atmosphere
  • Sky

i’d recommend that, or add shaders.


Yea, I didn’t start lighting yet but is there anything on the actual landscape like: placement of house, terrain, etc.

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mmm, i don’t have ideas anymore.

Ok, but i might add more trees

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Sometimes better use SurfaceAppearance instead of MeshTextureID. For example for your stones and leaves.

Add rivers, more houses, and more vegetation, and also improve the lighting by making the game brighter

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You can start with the good lightings, detailed objects likes trees, rocks and rivers to make it realistic. And also the background blur can improve the quality of your build

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