How to make Tower Defense Simulator hovering physics?

How would I go about making something like ths? Been trying so hard but just can’t figure out a way lol ( don’t know what it’s called either)

(the way the NPC moves around, kinda like an animation)

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Probably uses the position delta to tilt it. Get the delta each frame by having a value with the last position of the npc, then the new position that updates each frame. The delta would then be calculated by (lastPosition-currentPosition) and then you would update the old position to be the current position. Then orient the npc by the delta and allat blah blah blah.

How do you move the NPC though? It’s a model

I’d make a template model that has the pivot positioned to the feet of the character. Then make a value in the character selection script called smth like “CharacterModel”.
When you select a character, if CharacterModel exists, delete that model and replace it with the new character template.
Then, run code each renderstepped checking for character model, if there is, then position it to the mouse cframe. Then add the delta tilt.

I don’t really understand, Could you dumb it down a little for me?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Make character template for character placement, pose if you want.

Change the pivot position of template to the feet.

Make a folder for templates, and put ur character in there.

Go to character selection script, make value for character model.

When new character is pressed, if there currently is a character model, delete and replace it with new template for the character you clicked.

Each frame, check for character model. If character model exists, position it to the mouse and add the delta tilting.