How to make train car follow another train car

In the image, theres is a train. The first car is being tweened to go move along the tracks.

My problem is that when the first train goes through a turn, if the second car is welded to it, it turns as one big car, instead i want it to bend in the middle and turn like in real life.

How do i achieve this as i already tried a few ways and it did not work

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Tween both cars individually. Use something like Beams for the passage between the cars. If you use any Constraint type joints that may cause issues because tweening and physics don’t always react well together.

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is there a way to make to make a passageway between cars that players can walk over, i think beams are non collidable right?

Make 2 Parts attached to either end of the cars. It probably wouldn’t hurt to make 1 of them about .05 studs lower than the other.
Add them to a CollisionGroup and make that group not collide with itself but collide with everything else.
That way a player can walk on both, but the Parts won’t hit each other.