How to make turn off VFX button?

  1. I want to make a button that turns off the VFX for the player

  2. I don’t really know how to do it

  3. I tried to search on YouTube and developer hub, but I didn’t find anything about that

Hello, I want to make a button that turns off every VFX in game (because of lag)
and I don’t know how to do it any ideas ?

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What do you mean by VFX?
Do you mean particles?

Visual effects like a mesh that looks like a sword slash and so on


Well I would use a plugin such as Tag Editor, tag all effects under a new category called FX, then whenever the client clicks a button it would cycle through all tagged instances with CollectionService: GetTagged(“FX”) and Destroy them. I would also add a connection named: GetInstanceAddedSignal(“FX”) to detect any new visual effects and destroy immediately.

Here is the API for the tagging service (CollectionService) : CollectionService | Roblox Creator Documentation

Alright that sounds good, but what if i want to turn on the visual effects ? can i do it ?

Oh excuse me I didnt mean to destroy them, Simply move them inside replicatedStorage. You can then move them back whenever you want them to reappear!

Its ok, I have to make it in a local script or a server script ?

Localscript since you want players to be able to toggle them off for themselves

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