How to make UI changes appear on Server-Side?

I am working on a GUI Lobby system, and currently the player presses a button that creates a lobby UI on the screen. I am currently using :FireAllClients() for this, but the issue is I can’t make it appear on the server, so any players joining after the UI Is created will not see it.

Is there a way to make UI changes appear on the server?

(Left is Server view)

You can make a server script and set a UI inside of StarterUI to have it be seen on the Server-Side, but it isn’t really useful.

I tried this, and it did create it inside the StarterGUI, but it didn’t appear on neither client/server.

Server side UI only shows from StarterGui, so you could try putting the UI in there or have a script that adds it to the player’s PlayerGui when the PlayerAdded event fires.

Do this in a server Script:

local StarterUI = game:GetService("StarterGui")
StarterUI.ScreenGui.Frame.Visible = true
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