How to make UI round?

Hello Um, I’ve been having problems these last few days. I have a plugin called Roundify.
I try to use it and it rounds the UI but when I did that, the Text I wrote on it(TextButton) disappeared!
I tried looking for it and eventually, I found it under the round button. Is this normal? Please let me know how to fix this.


and then I’ll use roundify


Yes, I have used Roundify. It seems that the issue here is that the rounded GUI (the image) goes above the text. Have you tried to make the image have less priority than the button?

Edit: Also, if you have any screenshots, those would be helpful.

Try using the plug-in that I made. It’s called Round Guis. It’s not done and I haven’t published it but I am right this second.

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Ok ill add those…

If you mean how to make the text appear on top of the round frame, then I know how:

If you go to the Zindex in the text, you would make the number higher than the frame. (i.e: If the frame is like a Zindex of 1, you would make the text 2 or 3)

Pretty much easy if you understand UI and how the Zindex works.


Well yeah true…

Im taking screenshots rn…

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Ok i’ve added screenshots…

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Alright, try to follow @loueque or @Trymentinc’s solution here, we have multiple laid out. If it does not work, tell us and we will suggest more.

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Yes, roundify does that, I would work around it with frames, but my plug-in does work with buttons.

Edit: Yes you can use my plug-in, but I think that solution is better.

I am installing right now…


I am also using Lo’s solution too

@real_SkeletonBloxYT Just a friendly reminder… try not to use short sentence replies, instead use the like button. :slight_smile:

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Oop I used Try’s plugin and then i tried moving the button and the text came right off but ehh better than what roundify does

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Thanks for your feedback, Right at the moment, I can’t fix that but I can fix other things like make it an image button instead of making the “background.”

Yeah sure try that and i love your plugin

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