How to make unions less performance impactful?

Simple question, how would I make unions less performance heavy?
I know of two methods

  • Turn off their collisions
  • Transform it into a mesh using “export selection”
  • Other (Please use comments)

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[quote=“kleptonaut, post:1, topic:1452707”]
anCollide - determines if the Part will be hit by other parts as physical collisions.

CanTouch - determines if the Part will trigger touch events touch events on itself and other parts.

CanQuery - determines if the Part will be hit by spatial query methods (raycast, overlap, region3).

This means, you can disable all three and the Part will be excluded from all collision computations. As you can expect, this can provide a significant performance benefit. Like I mentioned with the release of CanTouch , you may see some improvements now, with better ones coming down the road.
[/quote] New Part Collision Property: CanQuery - Now Available!


Optimize it in a modeling software like blender.

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I think that was proven to be false

What? It can’t be false. Did you understand what I meant

Why Meshes Are Superior To Unions And How To Easily Convert Them - #4 by MissingFeature the title is decieving

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Is there a software to automatically do this?

The performance impact of changing the file type is likely negligible if at all. It shouldn’t be hard to do at least simple optimization.