How to make very cool bullets?

Hello, everyone!
Lately I was working on my gun system and noticed that my bullets are bad.

Currently, I am using object called “LineHandleAdornment”.
I want to make them look cool like in Phantom Forces, Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5, Arsenal. I need something like Arcade style.
I don’t just steal it, I want to understand how to make it.


Try using neon parts and meshes. What you’re looking for is sort of a very thin, neon part with a point light inside. (color yellow(do whatever yellow looks good to you), transparency what looks good to you, and length about 3 studs) Also, add a muzzle flash effect.
To script the bullet, add a “BulletStartPoint.” part in your tool. (Make sure bullet is anchored and non can collide, and the BulletStart is cancollide, unanchored and welded to your gun.).
Put sample bullet in ReplicatedStorage and name it Bullet
Now use this function for a bullet:

function CastBullet()
      local Bullet = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("Bullet"):Clone()
      Bullet.Parent = workspace
      Bullet.CFrame = Tool.BulletStartPoint.CFrame
      Bullet.Velocity = Bullet.CFrame.lookVector * 550 -- not sure if this line works, put the number higher if you want it to go faster,
      game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(Bullet, 10)
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Parts is not rhat cool. I was trying to make my bullets like in Phantom Forces

dude, phantom forces DOES use parts. they use meshed parts with different colors (red or green) and they are semi-transparent. What makes phantom forces guns stand out are the muzzle effects, the lights and the animations.