How to make Video on GUI

I’ll make it short and clear as possible
Basiclly, I’m trying to make a GUI that move tween up and would play an animation if you click it
just like what show on the video

The most relatable one is the first video about Game Black Magic 2, when picking up the characters
and the second game AUT is the Example on what animation is going to be, And the third one
is an example on how it would go
Anyone Can show me or guide me to do this?,
if its too much to ask for until it’s finish?


You could make a ViewportFrame and put a model of a player inside there or something and then make it play an animation

Here is a simple explanation

i tried this, Altough it does work, it doesn’t play animation, and it seems, i’m not the only one who got this problem

Yeah, I have never really tried animating something that is supposed to be in a GUI so I don’t know either then…

it’s alr, you tried to help, i’m more than grateful already to have your attention to help me out

Hope you find whatever you are looking for :+1: