How to make Virtuallist

How to make a virtuallist like this guy made im bad at math and idk how to make things like this please a bit help thats to complicated

Well there are to options. One is to add every single GUI. The other is to use the Math function.

Use a ScrollingFrame with a UIListLayout

I would think they would calculate the CanvasSize of the scrolling frame so they can reference the CanvasPosition. You could then hookup a GetPropertyChangedSignal function onto the CanvasPosition and determine if the player has scrolled the size of one individual button.

Since the buttons look symmetrical the positions would be already stored, it can be used after you destroy / change the button. They calculate 14 buttons at a time which should give you room for a seamless scrolling effect.

Just a thought of how I would attempt since I haven’t thought of doing this, not sure on the performance effect this would have

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yeah i think they calculate the canvassize but the problem is how you can do this thats really hard

There literally isn’t a million frames as shown.

This is probably how its achieved in pseudocode:

on change of canvas position:
  loop through every frame:
    frame.Text := floor((CurrentPosition + (FrameSize.Y*i))/CanvasSize) -- i is the index, if the array is 0 based.

or something similar.
This means it doesn’t necessarily have to be a scrolling frame.

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this is not what i meant sorry :confused:

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