How To Make Voting System That Teleports To Other Baseplates

Hi, there

So I wanted to make a map voting system just like piggy’s but I wanted that after the map is chosen, instead of making the players teleport to the map in the same game I want the players to teleport the player to a different game where the map will be.

The issue is that I don’t know how to make a map voting system and then teleport players to a different game.

So I really want that someone can tell me how to make this happen.

(Just in case you don’t know what the piggy voting system looks like)

Did u try to watch some youtube tutorial or use search here, I highly doubt that you are only one with this certain issue.

In addition to that scripting support is not here for making you full scripts.

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I did watch youtube, and searched here as well but they teleported only in the same game and not in a different baseplate.

I only wanna know how I can teleport after voting to different baseplate.

You need to use TeleportService to achieve it.

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Ok, thank you so much this solved my issue

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If you have any other question please don’t be afraid to reply again :wink:, anyways good luck!