How to make walk effect (sound and visual effects)

Hi I’m Keff I would like to ask you how to do the effect of walking (sound and visual effect of smoke or something like that) if you know tell me

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you can write a script that put a little but of smoke at your feet every time you run or something
(I think that’s what you mean)

And for the sound effects, you can hook up an audio to when you press w, a, s, or d, with whatever run keybind you put!

(and just a regular run animation script)

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Thx, but im new in scripting can you show me example?

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there’s a script in starter player scripts called “RbxCharacterSounds” if you want to change the walking sound just get the script then change the “Run” sound to “rbxassetid://insert id here”


Okay thx later ill Try :slight_smile:

did i solve it? because please i need that sweet sweet rep