How to make website to roblox chat and roblox to website chat

I wanna take use of JSON to make a little neat chat using a free website host to send http request to a roblox game and roblox game do the same to the website to make a neat little messaging system

  1. How can I do this
  2. Can you show me how to do this
  3. Are there any examples
    For context, here’s a diagram of what I want. Very simple.

    - Br, iSyriux
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Have you already exhausted other resources, such as forum posts, the Developer API References, or the many YouTube tutorial videos out there?

I would recommend doing that first so that you can ask specific questions as to where you’re stuck instead of asking for a start-to-finish guide.

Here’s the developer reference for HttpService to get started.

The main things you’ll want are PostAsync and RequestAsync.

I literally know what these are and how to use them I want to learn how to code the json on the website’s end

I just want a basic I/O system like IRC

Thank you for the specific question. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with web coding. Here’s a video I found from a quick search.
Database system with Roblox

Just remember that with saving data like that, you’ll have to filter text before sending it off as required by Roblox’s ToS.

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That video is not a tutorial nor does it show any code

I’d also rather read wikis and tutorials rather than watching them as I find these videos pack less information in a longer amount of time

Can’t give you actual code since I don’t work with Web API

This still does not answer my question, the documentation you have provided offers me no clues as to how to achieve what I want

Of course, you have to do everything else

For display, you would need to work with HTML

Since you’re using a free web hosting site, you would need to mess with their API because everything is automatic.

The forum probably wouldn’t be the place for this type of situation since majority of scripting support is for things on the roblox platform itself and that this requires knowledge of Web Languages such as Javascript and HTML. So the only thing I can recommend is google and youtube