How to make wood breaking effect?

I have a tree part that players can chop at with an axe. However, I want to add a wood shatter effect (dust of wood flying into the air) so it looks like they’re actually doing something. Is that possible in Roblox?


Yes, it is possible. There are a variety of sounds in the Roblox toolbox you could use or you could upload your own (I believe it costs robux though). You can use a script inside your axe that plays the sound when you want.
Here are some resources you can use:

Not necessarily a sound effect, but a “particle” effect?

Oh I see, this will be a lot more complicated.

I’m not the best with particles, but hopefully this will help:
The approach I would try is creating an “explosion” of particles, Particle Explosion, and having it trigger when the axe collides with the wood part, Detecting Collisions | Roblox Creator Documentation. You would have to either create or find your own decals for the particles though.

Here are some more articles that may help you:
Intro to Raycasting
Particle Emitters

Good luck!

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