How to make working planets?

So, i want to make a planetary system, like in SSE2, in which there are a few celestial bodies with their own gravity, sphere of influence, and that you can walk around them without falling. Thanks for help!


This planetary system, will have a LOT of moving parts & various components that even if one are off it can make everything feel wrong. I personally haven’t played the game you mentioned, but start with using bodyForces (& various other types of forces) and maybe constraints, as this can give you a feel for what you can do.

You can write your own planetary gravity. This would be a headache to develop and setup, but if done correctly/well it should be really easy to adjust parameters. This would take a fairly long time, as you’d have to take into account a lot of various things.

Mess around & experiment with the different forces roblox has, and if you aren’t sure where to go try and search this topic in the dev forums or on google/youtube, as they should provide some results. Just have fun, keep in mind this is a complicated system, don’t give up after first couple times.

Im not a very good programmer, so I found a free planetary gravity controller. Also I made a sphere of influence that’s a part but if you touch it it sets the gravity to celestial body’s gravity you are falling to. And now I have an issue, because earth is a part which is 2048x2048x2048(Size limit) and I can’t make the sphere of influence bigger.

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Best bet would be to make it a mesh, then you could scale it greater. Or you could maybe make a ‘theoretical sphere of influence’ basically instead of having a part, doing it via X, Y, Z positions. (Would be fairly difficult) OR you can attempt and unionise and cut the sphere in half, see if you can increase the size or just unionise and basically stick them together.

How could i make touched event inside a mesh?

This article should assit you in someway: How to detect touch event using mesh