How to make your building speed double

I’m not even a builder, but I did ask my employed builders and somehow NONE of them knew that there are building hotkeys in studio. I can’t really believe I have to show these off but if you use these hotkeys, your building speed will double! :grinning:

Ctrl+5 selects the transform tool, if you for some reason use that.

A few other useful hotkeys that are useful to mention:
Ctrl+G - Group selected objects into a model.
Ctrl+U - Ungroup selected models.
F - Focus your camera on a selected model or part.
Ctrl+Shift+G - Union selected parts.
Ctrl+Shift+U - Seperate unions or negations.
Ctrl+Shift+N - Negate selected parts.

Not a huge tutorial, but I hope this tip will improve your building speed cause it did for my employees!


I wish I could do the ctrl+numbers thing, but windows likes to be a troll and change keyboard languages when I do so.

So here’s advice to the readers: These are great strategies, as long as you don’t have multiple windows keyboard languages set up.

Yeah, what is transform good for?

Yay, I learned something and my building time will be faster!


mostly people who are used to blender tools or something idk but who learns blender before roblox building

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