How to make your camera move (SMOOTHLY)

Does anybody know how to make your camera move smoothly?

I wanted to make a smooth FirstPersonCamera where the camera moves smoothly towards another CFrame (moving the mouse). I somehow couldn’t find a script for it. If anyone knows how to exactly do it, please hit me up real fast and teach me how to make/script it. I am willing to learn.

Some people told me to use the module called “Spring” yet I don’t know how to use it for the camera cause they usually use it on ViewModels. If this is the best option to do, I would love to listen to every words and learn how to use it.

This is what I mean by smooth

Or this one for much better smoothness



Moving the camera smoothly besides using RunService:BindToRenderStep()
I would Infact also reccomend the Spring Module, Quenty made a pretty good implementation in his nevermore engine. There is documentation in the below link to the spring module.

I would also like to refer you to a similar post about this question, they talk about using the Spring Module for a FPS viewmodel; but it can be easily applied to the camera. They include test code you could adapt to your needs.

Synopsis: The spring module basicly provides a easing style from position to position in a spring format, some math is required.

You would add this to a module script:

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