How to merge these two models together after cloning them?

Heya! Trying to make it when I clone a model in, I can place them next to eachother, but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone help?
I’ve attached 2 images to hopefully help you understand what I’m trying to accomplish

Try using the align tool. Set it to either Min or Max and that should help you line things up


Make sure the PrimaryPart are those parts that you circled. In your script, you can use PivotTo in your code you attach them together. More info here PVInstance | Roblox Creator Documentation

Sorry! I should’ve specified, I’m trying to do this through a script after cloning the model

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Would this work if I needed to do it on both sides of the model? I’m trying to make it so you can place stuff on each side

It should work. Both parts need to be facing the same way if you want them to be attached correctly. You can tell if they’re facing the same way if you try adding a decal to those PrimaryParts. If the decal is added on the same faces, they are orientated correctly.

Okay, I’ll look into pivoting, thank you!

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You could put an Attachment at both ends of the model, with different names like End1 and End2, and align the Position of the Attachment at the end you are trying to place with the Position of the other model’s end Attachment.

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