How to Military Airfields

My name is Gavin. I was wondering if you lads would assist me in the construction of this airfield.

I want you to be blatantly honest to the extent its borderline humiliating
I want ideas
I want corrections
I want you thoughts and opinions
But most importantly
I want improvement in the way it looks, i was hoping you lads would assist me

I have not done the concrete for the runways and some of the taxi areas


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It would be really helpful if you could publish this as a game or model for us to get a closer look.

As for the building (final photo), I think it looks great! Very realistic and detailed, though the garage/hangar door looks very plain. Maybe add some ridges or something to it.


I’m not a big fan of the ground, I believe all structures should be on concrete. I expect nothing less for a military design.

Consider adding walls or barriers of some sort, these things are always private and heavily guarded. Add some watchtowers, barbed wire, etc.

Runways, more runways.

The hangars look good though!

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As this is a military design, I can get the layout. However I don’t like the way the ground around each structure is flat. Modern military airfield in warzones or back in homeland, normally have mounds around sub sections pads.

Talking about pads the are slightly too big, this is only my point of view as well I don’t know what kind of era this could be designed for.

And runways, need more runway’s.

Also will there be building that will host air traffic control or maintenance buildings

Could also do with some sort of wheel/tire marks or some sort of static prop designs to show this airfield had been used.

Anyhow I know this is in Dev and I like to see the outcome. :+1:


Thank you guys so much!
The reason i have not opened up the place is due to (no offence) roblox`s speed to patch place-stealing exploits.

I will adhere to all your criticism, cheers.

Also, can vehicles just cruise on taxi areas? Or do i have to make separate roads for those.
To put into context what im trying to say:
Can trucks use the same pathway as the planes do for taxi?

Added some more atmoshpere and stuff

The runway markings are not very realistic. You should consider using an image like this as a guide or tracing over a real runway.


This may be far fetched, but games like GTA show where trucks can go. On a military base they are allowed on the taxi ways as well as side roads around the runway. The only time I have known trucks or any type of vehicle enter the runway is for emergencies.

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Your build already looks much better now.

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Another problem
Its a tiny military island with the airfield composing of 70% of the area.
I was wondering if it was normal to use 30% as residential for staff family along with schooling

This will never happen. You have to send the map data to your clients somehow, which means its already on their computer, so they can do whatever they want with it.

Build looks great from here though, keep up the good work.

Why send map data to clients when clients never open the place

One thing I see in most games with some aspect of aviation and a focus on a main point (such as vehicles) is the lack of runway headings or the total disregard for accurate headings. Runway headings are based on compass headings from 01 to 36 you can easily google this information. I would dig into anything FAA for a general idea on runways, and look into ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) for an idea on phonetic alphabet standards and naming.

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To address your concerns about vehicles on the runways, vehicles are prohibited on the runways while there is some aircraft operation taking place, the driver must request to cross an active runway through the tower at the airfield. Most vehicles do use taxiways to gain access to cross a runway.

Loving it! However try improving the runway as its pretty repetitive in terms of the lines. Try looking at google images for help. I like how you’ve added shrubbery! Your hangars are also awesome, good job. I build airports and aircraft too! :smiley:

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