How to move part so it's flush with another part?

Right now if I want one part face to be flush with another part face, I turn collisions on then use the move tool and move it toward the other part until it stops moving.


  • this doesn’t work with rotation
  • this doesn’t work if there are other objects in the way that it will collide with

What’s an easy and consistent way to make part faces flush?

Like let’s say I want the part on the left to sit flush on top of the part on the right

stravant’s ResizeAlign resizes the part so the faces touch, but it doesn’t change the orientation and I also want it to move the part not resize it.

Well you could always turn on Collisions in studio and move the item manually with the select tool…

I don’t think that’ll work with meshes and there could be a lot of other BaseParts in the way.

While dragging the second block over the first one you can use R and T to rotate and tilt the selected Part.

Okay, how does that help make the part be flush with the other part?

For the rotation the best answer so far is using the selection tool. But that doesn’t seem to be working on meshes and doesn’t solve the position. Many times I would want the part sides to line up even if they are different sizes.

Is there a “snap-to-sides-of-part” button

Also what does this button do?

So in the Model tab have you ever set the Move tool increments? This allows the dragged Parts to align to that increment.
I usually use 1 stud, or type in .05 if I’m doing small work.

Join surfaces welds the 2 parts together.

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Yeah I know you can set move increment but that doesn’t help if the parts are different sizes than the increment.

If there’s no “snap-to-edges” button, I think I’ll make a plugin that’ll snap to part edges.

You could copy the first parts orientation while rotated, drag it against the block, then paste the rotation

I don’t want it to be the exact same orientation as the first part, only on the side that will make it flush with the part.

I don’t think I fully understand your question, I’m pretty sure what I responded answers your question but maybe not. Let me rephrase

While the red part is the orientation you want it, copy its rotation property. Drag the red part where ever you need to. When it’s where it should be, paste the orientation.

Let me know if i just totally misunderstood you

but why does that help me?

I think you are right you are not understanding the question.

Using the selection tool already orients the part flush against the part you are dragging it onto. This is good but only solves half the problem (plus it doesn’t work with meshes)

I also want the part I’m dragging to snap to the edges and corner of the target part face.

I am going to try to make a plugin to achieve this.

I don’t see your problem. Half of what problem? You even say it moves it flush with the part you are dragging it on to, which seems to be the problem

So is this the problem then? I’m pretty sure parts already snap if you use movement increments (It is under the “model” tab)

I wish you luck! :smiley:


Thank you!

No need to make a plugin to do this.

Only thing is it only works with Parts. Any way you to get it to work with faces on Unions or Meshes?

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No, not that I know of at least
Glad to help!