How to move Torso to HumanoidRootPart position?

Hello there!

I was working with moon animator on some animation and by accident when my animation was played not on “0” frame I saved the place with moon animator opened. It made my characters saved in wrong position, since I didnt set keyframes of original position of their body parts on “0” keyframe. So literally in place they are now apart of HumanoidRootPart. It looks like this now (HumanoidRootPart is on origin position):

Is there a way how I could move character body parts to original position? I need Torso to have position the same as HumanoidRootPart, but without losing welds etc and having body parts have same position relatively torso (like not being where they are at the moment, but keeping attached to the torso).

If you have some solutions or ideas, please reply about it. I spent a lot of time on this animation. Thanks in advance for any help and have a nice day!

P.S. I put this topic into Art Design Support category, because it’s related to animator plugin.


In the future, when you add the dummy to the animation, try ticking “CFrame” along with “Rig” (if you haven’t already)
As for your question on how to fix the hrp placement, my only suggestion could be to try to copy all the keyframes, create a new animation with Rig and CFrame properties ticked, and paste then into it (Edit > Paste Into Item).

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Sadly CFrame thing didn’t help me : (

But my friend helped me write command which setted Torso’s position and it worked

local parent = game.Selection:Get()[1]; parent.HumanoidRootPart.RootJoint.C1 =,0,0);
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Oh ok good, glad someone could help you fix it! Good luck with future animations, keep up the good work.

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