How to Mute a player

Hey there everyone,

I’ve been creating this admin system lately but I’ve had no idea how you could mute a player so that they couldn’t speak in the chat,

thanks a lot!

If you are using the new chat then you can use TextChatService to manipulate messages or remove them alltogether using this method. You could as an example give a player an attribute that they are muted and when they chat, you check to see if the mute attribute exists and then block their messages.

Hope that gets you started :smiley:

wait i get what you mean but how do you implement it in, like how would you set the variables for the textchatservice etc.

Apologies, I noticed the link I gave you didn’t have any code examples :smiley:

Here is an example made by roblox about adding VIP tags to chat messages. With similar logic you can just purge the message itself.

Hope you find this more useful :smiley: